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You can find our answers to frequently asked questions below. We would also like to recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement, which will also answer many questions.

What is Great to Meet and what does it do?
Great to Meet (GTM) is a location app that allows you to connect with other users of the app in your direct surroundings. In addition, you can invite people from your contacts to connect within GTM so that both your contact details are kept up to date.
Your real name or an alias?
On Great to Meet, we all use our real names, details and photos. If we suspect that users are not abiding by this, we have the option of deleting their account. Please also read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Statement.
What happens to my profile picture?
GTM does not use your picture for any other purposes other than to make sure you are recognisable in the app. The picture remains your property. A good, relatively recent profile picture is a must for your recognisability and the optimal functioning of the app. Abnormal pictures may lead us to delete and/or block your profile.
How careful is GTM with my location data?
Your location is very privacy sensitive. That is why we treat it with the greatest care. We only store your data for a short period of time, as it is necessary to match you to users nearby. After that, we delete all your location details. In addition, we do not store any locations where people have met, only the timeframes.
What does GTM do with the phone numbers in my contacts?
You can safely upload phone numbers from your contacts to the GTM app. The data remains on your own phone. We do not upload any names, dates or other data to our servers. The phone numbers are encrypted in your phone using a ‘salt’ and a ‘hash’, and only the encrypted numbers are uploaded to our servers. The encrypted numbers are then compared to GTM users’ numbers in our files. We do not store any numbers; instead, they are deleted immediately. This way we can help you out by showing you which of your contacts are already on GTM and enabling you to send them an invitation. We act in full compliance with even the strictest laws and regulations (AVG, GDPR).
Who is the GTM provider?
Great to Meet is a service offered to you by Great to Meet B.V. located in The Hague, The Netherlands.
What is the range of the location app?
For the locating and showing of (potential) contacts, GTM uses a preset radius. Right now, it is set at 1 km. At a later stage, we want to make it possible for you yourself to determine the radius in which you can see, and are seen by, your contacts. We will keep you informed.
Where can I go in case I have any comments?

We are doing our utmost to make our service as effective and easy to use as possible. Nevertheless, should you have any comments, please let us know by sending an email to

When can I see someone in the Meet-Feed?
Someone will be visible if they have downloaded the app and entered the encessary personal details, their visibility is turned on and they are (or have just been) close to your location. You also need to have your visibility turned on. After all, the basic principle of Great to Meet is reciprocity.
What are your guidelines for use?
  • Approach people as you would like to be approached.
  • Do not stalk them.
  • Sometimes someone’s just not up for a chat, so accept that.
  • Respect the privacy of others.
  • No means no.
  • This is not Pokemon, you don’t have to catch ‘m all.
  • Having spoken to someone before sending an invitation always works better, and our app can help with that too.
  • If in doubt, do not accept someone; also check, for example, whether their email address matches with the company.
  • There is a block button, which serves to block someone permanently.
  • Report any abuse.
  • Proper networking is not only about receiving but also about giving, so make yourself interesting for the other person too. A good profile will help with this.
  • You are not permitted to use Great to Meet for non-business purposes.
  • Always enter your correct data, with a clear and recent profile picture.
  • Please also read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement
What do the timeframes mean?

The timeframe in the Meet-Feed indicates the time when you first met each other. The profile shows the time when you were last in each other’s direct surroundings.

I have invited someone but they are not getting back to me. How come?

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes someone just hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Of course, it may also be that someone doesn’t know enough about who you are and why you might be interesting for them.

Can I block people as well?

You can block people. These people will then no longer appear in your Meet-Feed and you will no longer appear in theirs. Blocking is forever and irreversible. Use the force wisely!

Can my visibility be switched off?

Yes, there is an eye icon at the top left of the Meet Feed. Click on it to see how it can be switched off. Off really means off. When your visibility is off, we don’t register anything, nobody can see you, and you can’t see anybody in turn. From that moment until you switch it on again, you will not appear in other people’s Meet-Feeds and your Meet-Feed will not fill up either.

What happens when I turn off my visibility?

Off really means off. When your visibility is off, we don’t register anything, nobody can see you, and you can’t see anybody in turn. From this moment until the moment you switch it on again, you will not appear in other people’s Meet-Feed.

Can I customise the icebreaker?

Yep, you can type something new and change your icebreaker. Useful for different situations or events. For example, if you are at a conference and hoping to get an answer to a particular question, You can pose that question as an icebreaker!

Can I share private information?

Yes! Your private information will not be shared by default. You can decide if and with whom you share anything. In your profile, there is a button in the top right corner that says ‘more’. Go here to decide what you want to share. You can adjust this individually, per person.

What is Friends for Features?

Any network is only as strong as its users. To make the app as interesting as possible, it is in everyone’s best interest that as many people as possible use it. We would therefore like to ask you, the user, to help our community grow. In exchange for inviting new users, we will give you some killer features.

What are Friends for Features and when do I get them?

At the moment, sending two invitations to acquaintances who do not yet use the app will allow you to make notes with your contacts. Super convenient! And we have more surprises in store for you in the future.

What is the purpose of the Notes Feature?
The Notes Feature is for making short notes with a contact. For example: the location and date where you have seen each other, reminders or interesting bits of information that might be useful in the future. These handy notes can be retrieved with just one click.
I already have a phone book, why should I use Great to Meet?

Your contacts will be automatically updated in the Great to Meet app, so you’ll never again have to deal with outdated contact information, updating contact lists or maintaining stacks of business cards.

There is someone I can’t see in the Meet Feed - how is this possible?

We have adjusted the Meet-Feed so that it uses as little battery power as possible. It may happen that it just fails to register a new contact. You can then refresh the app manually by pulling down the Meet-Feed.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, but please note: deleted really means deleted. All of your data and contacts will be lost too.

Does the app consume a lot of energy?

We have designed the GTM app to consume as little of your battery power as possible.

What information will be shared with other GTM users who are not a GTM contact of mine yet?

Name, job title, company you work for, company logo, icebreaker, bio and photo.

What information will be shared with other Great to Meet contacts?
Only the information that you have indicated you wish to share. You can see what you have shared with each contact by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the screen.
What is the purpose of the icebreaker?

As the name implies, it is intended to break the ice. It gives someone else an indication of what you would like to talk about. It makes it easy(er) to contact a stranger, in all possible situations.

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